TETRA Optimisation Training

Syntech have assimilated all their TETRA expertise and know-how into a focused training course that will help you understand the factors that affect quality of service and ways to measure, understand and optimise it. The course is intended for owners, operators, system integrators, regulators and consultants; in fact anyone who works in the field of TETRA can benefit from this course. 

“TETRA is new to me, so there was great content that covered a lot of unknowns.”

Course Structure

  • Overview and principles of TETRA Optimisation

  • The TETRA Air Interface Standard

  • How terminal mobility works

  • Examples of real scenarios and solutions applied

  • Demonstration / explanation of test tools

  • Participation and worked examples

    The Process of Optimisation

  • tetra workshop diagram

    Typical Service Metrics and KPIs
    - Registration Success ratio
    - Reselection Success ratio

    - Call success ratio
    - Dropped call rate
    - Queuing & Capacity
    - TG usage & distribution
    - Average/peak data throughput or delay 
    - GoS/QoS e.g. 99% of VQ samples >3.0

     “I was very satisfied with all aspects of the course. Well done.”

    “Very knowledgeable and friendly.”



    Course Content
    TETRA systems are complex, containing many settings, parameters and configurations all of which affect the service experienced by a user. Poor service can be hard to pinpoint and often has no obvious reason or fault. However, with increased knowledge of your TETRA network you can minimise or avoid potential issues and resolve problems more easily when they occur. This course will explain the detail and show, for example, why signal strength and voice quality only tells part of the story, why improving cell re-selection performance can have a huge impact on service and of course what you can do to improve things.

    Training Materials
    Training is delivered as a mixture of presentations with supporting reference material. On completion of the course you will have an enhanced understanding of TETRA networks including how to capture and isolate issues and, using the knowledge and techniques taught, diagnose and address them correctly.     

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