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Procurement services for a diverse range of technical projects

Outsourcing your procurement to Syntech will not just add value but will save you time, money and hassle. Implementing larger scale technical projects must generally follow an open and competitive procurement process of advertisement, evaluation and selection.  These may include OJEU, or purchasing frameworks such as Buying Solutions, Firebuy, Bluelight etc.

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Phil Noakes, Cambridgeshire Public Service Network

Whatever process is followed the steps that the buyer must take are the same:
  • Clearly identify what is needed  – capture user or other business requirements
  • Describe what is needed within a structured technical specification – enables comparisons to be made, scored & ranked against technical and commercial compliance.
  • Ensure that what is described is delivered – requires a measurable outcome that can be readily demonstrated, tested and verified.

Our experienced Syntech Procurement Consultants can assist in one or more of the following tasks:


  • Designing & running requirements capture workshops and interviews
  • Writing the technical specification
  • Advising on the merits, pros and cons of a particular procurement path
  • Designing the scoring and evaluation
  • Supplier identification & assessment

Design & Implementation

  • Review of designs and plans against stated deliverables
  • Development & acceptance of detailed plans that best represent the client e.g. transition, test & acceptance, quality
  • Contract management & facilitating client/supplier information exchange
  • Verifying requirements against Tender proposals
  • Dealing with day-to-day issues and offloading the mundane from the client
  • Ensuring the project is driven from the client’s requirements rather than what the delivered system can do

Why choose a Syntech Consultant?

  • True independence – we have no ties to any supplier or manufacturer
  • Extensive industry experience and proven track record of providing successful procurement support to the public sector
  • Complementary services and support; including testing and verification of delivered systems.
  • A name you can trust – our consultants have over 10 years experience and a diverse skill base to successfully manage every aspect of your project.

Syntech offers procurement support in the following areas:

  • Digital radio – Tetra, DMR, P.25
  • WAN/LAN e.g. PSN
  • IP-VPN
  • Telephony & VoIP
  • Terminals & Ancillaries
  • Command & Control
  • Dispatching & Mobilising (CAD, ICCS)




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