CDR Cost Reduction Service

Take control of your billing data

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Find out where and how your Airwave expenditure is being incurred and where potential savings can be made. The benefits of intelligent data analysis are huge and can result in:
  • More efficient budget management
  • Greater understanding of your Airwave costs
  • Knowledge to plan and forecast future usage
  • Identifying areas where substantial savings can be made

Syntech can demonstrate, through modelling scenarios, the value and behavioural effect of potential cost saving initiatives. These initiatives are tailored to your specific localised operational requirements.

Using tried and tested techniques Syntech can reveal the true relationship between how you use the system and what it really costs you as a result. As a result you will be armed with everything you need to know to make intelligent decisions about how you should be using the system. If you pay an additional Airwave traffic charge, you need to talk to Syntech today.

Syntech can deliver our technology solutions nationally and across Europe. Call or email us today for more information on our CDR Cost Reduction Services.

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