TETRA Active Probe Datasheet

Syntech TETRA Probe

TETRA Active Probe Statistics


102mm x 95mm x 30mm (W x D x H); optional DIN rail mounting

TETRA Terminal Types

Sepura Mobile or Portable

Max. no. of licensed probes supported


Operating Temperature

 0° to 70°; (optional -40° to 85°)

1Number of probes will determine server requirements

TETRA Active Probe - (Vehicle or Static)
External connections;
10-32v d.c.
2 x FAKRA connectors for GPS & GPRS antenna
1 x RS232 serial
1 x USB device interface
1 x 10/100Mbs Ethernet

Onboard storage for approximately 8 hours of local data capture.
SD memory card slot for data storage expansion.
SIM card holder - requires separate GPRS data service (customer responsibility)
Transfer of data from TETRA Active Probes via Ethernet or GPRS employing 128 bit encryption.

TETRA Active Probe - (Portable) 

WindowsTM or Android Smartphone device (check for compatibility)
Transfer of data to/from TETRA terminal via Bluetooth
Transfer of data from TETRA Active Probes via Smartphone device

TETRA Active Server 

  • Typical specification: (exact specification depends on number of probes deployed)
  • Intel Xeon Quad core processor, >16GB RAM, 2TB HDD (Raid 5)
  • MS SQL 2008 and MS Windows 7


TETRA Active Probe Hardware
Hardware can be supplied by Syntech or provided by the customer;
In-built mapping capability uses MapServer & GDAL/OGR. Interfacing with existing mapping servers is
also possible.

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