Neon® TRX Signal Mapper

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Syntech are licenced UK distributers of the TRX Neon™ products. We have been instrumental in improving the product from its early inception to a more robust and capable product including specifying an enhanced parameter and sampling method for 4G/LTE measurements. This evolution is based on our analysis of captured data, device behaviour user’s experience and feedback including from the ESMCP team when delivering in-building surveys.

brings you highly accurate 3D indoor logging using an Android app to report 4G/LTE/WiFi coverage in buildings. It is Intuitive, easy to use, cost effective and fully scalable. Neon® also integrates with other third party devices. Click here for more information.

The Benefits of Neon®

  • Ongoing UK support and training available

  • Over 30 years of experience in the Telecoms industry

  • In-depth product knowledge

  • Additional bespoke features to enhance reporting

  • Trusted UK supplier to Goverment, Emergency Services and Industry

How Neon® Signal Mapper works

For each measurement taken the location within the building is determined using the Neon® location system. The location system consists of a separate tracking unit containing gyroscopes, accelerometers, magnetic field sensors, and a barometric pressure sensor which together accurately track the operator’s position throughout the building. Building and site floor plans, together with notes and images recorded by the surveyor during the walk-test are added as an overlay to the report.

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