Measure TETRA Performance with Syntech IFPM

The Syntech In-Field Performance Measurement Tool (IFPM) accurately tests the functionality and performance of TETRA networks and equipment. With IFPM you can explore, experiment with and verify the precise behaviour and performance of your TETRA Communications.

Download the Syntech IFPM TETRA Test & Measurement Brochure      

IFPM can assist with all of the following roles:

  • Network Operators

  • Service Providers

  • System Integrators

  • Equipment Developers

  • End-user Organisations

  • “There is no tool like this in the UK.”

    Anil Patel, Head of Systems Integration, Airwave Solutions

    How it works

    IFPM incorporates an easy-to-use, fully configurable scripting process. This gives you complete flexibility and control to create simple or complex test scenarios to exercise any service supported by the connected TETRA network. All commands, responses, events, voice samples (PESQ P862.1) and data messages are accurately captured, time stamped and logged. IFPM provides a detailed response of what has and hasn’t happened, allowing you to investigate, repair or improve your system where necessary. Click here to see how Airwave Solutions are using IFPM.

    With IFPM connected, the true end-to-end performance and characteristics of your network and Terminal Equipment is recorded and revealed in intricate detail. If you need a powerful TETRA network performance tool you need IFPM.




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