v1.1.0 release of The Syntech CDR Reporting Tool

Since its release in 2004, The Syntech CDR Reporting Tool has established itself with many customers as an easy to use & powerful application  for reporting Airwave CDRs.

Continuous improvement is an important part of the service you get when you buy into the product and the latest release version 1.1.0 of software adds several new features to make the Syntech CDR Reporting Tool even more flexible and versatile in analysing Airwave data.

The tool also remains unique by being able to analyse and report ICCS generated records. ICCS records provide additional information including Status & SDS messaging and reveal both the dispatcher’s and radio user’s performance from the perspective of the control room.

Latest Features

Fleetmap integration

Search ansd report using 'friendly name' terminology direct from your fleetmap

Summary reports

Powerful, in-built reporting now creates summary or detailed reports for Individuals, Talkgroups, Sites & Traffic/Billing

Powerful, Scalable and Accurate

Single or multiple PCs on a client-server network? The Syntech CDR Tool has been built to handle the smallest to the largest data sets

Billing Analysis

Busy-hour and traffic is calculated in one simple report allowing you to verify additional traffic billing from Airwave.

Improved GUI

No need to navigate multiple menus, the intuitive GUI remains a trademark and is visible at all times so you have everything at hand to create reports.

SDS & Strus (ICCS Module)

  • SDS & Status messaging
  • Stun, Ambient Listening, DGNA & Radio Check
  • Passive users (i.e. users affiliated but not active)




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