Syntech gain ISO 9001 Certification

iso-9001    Syntech are pleased to announce that we are now fully ISO 9001 certified. The ISO standard requires organisations to demonstrate that they have a quality management system in place, enabling them to deliver quality products and increase customer satisfaction. Syntech are committed to producing TETRA test and measurement equipment of the highest standard and our certification is a reflection of this commitment.

We have always had a robust test regime in place for our IFPM and TETRA Active products. Complex software and configurations can be unpredictable. Our solutions are often tailored to the requirements and environment of a particular customer or network so we test as much as possible to ensure that when they go live integration runs as smoothly as possible.

 Some of our procedures for obtaining and maintaining ISO 9001:

•  Test TETRA measurement equipment before it goes live

•  Calibrate and rigorously test our solutions using real equipment or simulation/emulation

•  Log all support calls and ensure they are allocated to the right person

•  Resolve issues, queries or technical questions in a timely manner

•  Provide support during normal business hours

Many of our customers work in the emergency services where time-saving and accuracy are not just critical - they can be life-saving. At Syntech we realise just how important it is that our products don't fail our customers so we continuously test and measure our TETRA equipment to ensure it is always fit for purpose. TETRA networks change on a daily basis so we make it a matter of course that we test our optmisation products in a series of documented ways.

 ISO 9001 is a recognised standard and supports uniform working practices and procedures to ensure that both our products and our standards of customer service remain high. Director Simon Orbell says: "We are particularly pleased to have achieved ISO 9001 certification as it shows our commitment to our focus on quality in all aspects of our business. This recognition demonstrates we can provide a quality solution from quotation to delivery."




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