Syntech assist Nokia with network performance in Norway

SatelliteTETRA TODAY, ISSUE 5 2011

An Essential Investment - Syntech assist with network verification in Norway

Norway's TETRA public safety network may be one of the last large ones to be built in western Europe, but it has some unique features. Richard Lambley reports from Oslo.

Verifying network performance: main contractor Nokia Siemens Networks called in the specialist TETRA testing company Syntech Systems for a final check on the network across all TETRA services and terminal types.Using its In-Field Performance Measurement equipment (IFPM). Syntech spent four months on the work, across sites in the Oslo area. Testing and verification are important, Syntech explains, because they provide confidence in advance that the system will deliver when called upon.Over the past two years the company has supplied similar equipment to and services to NSN and Motorola to enable them to validate Nødnett's performance for themselves.

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