Australia Mining Industry Benefits from TETRA Workshop Training

TETRA Mining Industry       Syntech's Director Simon Orbell has recently completed a series of TETRA Optimisation and Service Delivery Workshops in WA and Queensland, Australia. TETRA systems are being deployed in many of Australia’s harshest and demanding environments serving as mission critical communications systems for the mining, oil & gas industries.  

The training workshop explained the factors that can influence service quality and how to effectively monitor, analyse and report the many metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are needed to demonstrate all is well or where potential problems lurk.

The course is delivered via presentations and supporting reference material and is intended for anyone who wants to get the best from their investment or must ensure it will deliver the level of service expected under all situations. Simon believes that certain aspects of TETRA optimisation and the process of monitoring and reporting performance are sometimes seen as beyond the customer’s control, constrained by process or suffer from a general lack of understanding in this specialised area. This in-depth course helps explain the subject and provides the knowledge and confidence needed to fully optimise and get the best from any TETRA system. For further information on the courses available click here.




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