Syntech CDR Reporting Tool New Release - V2.5

Version 2.5 of the Syntech CDR Reporting Tool will see the addition of a new web-based reporting platform. The platform will simplify the way you can access and report your Call Data Records (CDRs).

This enhancement supports a much improved set-up for end users and a more flexible framework for the development and deployment of bespoke reporting.

Data mapping is also possible, providing the capability to represent your CDR data geographically. When combined with GIS data this becomes a powerful way to analyse your mobility behaviour.

With increasing collaboration amongst the public safety agencies, Version 2.5 offers greater support to those organisations wishing to share a central CDR resource; whereby Airwave CDR data from different sources can be imported and analysed collectively or individually.

The CDR Reporting Tool can be accessed from any location. Users can also assign user profiles and different access; providing a totally secure and flexible solution.




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