Syntech Measures Network Performance in partnership with Airwave Solutions

Syntech Systems is helping Airwave fulfil a ten year service contract with their customer, the UK Department of Health by using one of their innovative test tools.

The In Field Performance Measurement (IFPM) developed by Syntech is being used to verify the correct behaviour and performance of the UK Airwave service for Department of Health (DH) and Ambulance prior to full scale deployment within a Trust area.

The Syntech IFPM tool underwent a considerable amount of rigurous testing at the Airwave reference site prior to it receiving the 'green light' and was successfuly deployed for the first time in Essex.

Syntech are now following a two year programme of service delivery within a number of Trust areas in England Wales and Scotland.

IFPM is also finding its place as a valuable test and measurement system within the Airwave reference system itself  where it is being used to investigate potential issues and faults, check system upgrades and generally improve the performance of the TETRA service delivered to Airwave customers.




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