Q: What is IFPM?

A: IFPM is a set of test and measurement equipment that captures and reports end-to-end performance and Quality of Service parameters for Digital radio systems such as TETRA. It has a range of uses including verifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), evaluating & monitoring existing networks and for general fault & investigation purposes. The IFPM family consists of several types of equipment including Mobile, Static & Fixed units, a load generator and an IFPM-probe system.

Q: How does IFPM work?

A: An automated test ‘scenario’ (set up a group call, send audio, send an SDS etc) is created between two or more IFPM units, using a set of simple script commands. The results of all events captured during the test are processed and turned into a set of Call Detail Records (CDRs). These are used to report Quality and Grade of service (QoS/GoS) results such as speech quality, call set-up time, data delay, hand-over performance and much more. Alternatively, a passive probe system (mobile or static probes) can be configured to assess and evaluate existing network & service performance.

Q: Which services does IFPM support?

A: For TETRA, IFPM supports measurements for all voice and data services including; emergency, group, point-to-point, telephony SDS, status and packet-data.

Q: Which radios is IFPM compatible with?

A: IFPM is compatible with Sepura and Motorola radio terminals including the most popular mobile and hand portable models. Support for other terminals is being developed.

Q: What network can IFPM operate on?

A: IFPM works on all TETRA networks in mobile-to-mobile or remote probe configurations. The IFPM fixed-end can connect to Motorola and Cassidian infrastructures.

Q: Can IFPM be used as a drive or walk-test tool?

A: Yes. One of IFPM’s main uses is as a calibrated drive-test tool for measuring coverage using speech quality (PESQ:ITU-P862.1). A smaller version is available for use as a walk-test tool.

Q: Who currently uses IFPM?

A: IFPM is deployed by several European network operators and service providers including Airwave Solutions, Motorola and Nokia Siemens Networks.

Q: How accurate is IFPM?

A: All timing events are accurate to +/-10 milliseconds or better. Voice quality is measured using the international voice quality standard (PESQ: ITU-P862.1) using high quality, calibrated audio hardware for complete peace of mind.

Q: Is IFPM Scaleable?

A: IFPM is very scaleable and can consist of anything from a simple two unit system to a very large comprehensive test and measurement system with multiple IFPM equipment types. For most performance test scenarios the minimum configuration is two IFPMs These can be either two terminal based units (mobile, static) or a terminal and a fixed unit (Control Room dispatch interface) and will depend on the end-to-end measurement path required. For an IFPM Probe system there is no practical limit to the number of drive or static probes possible.

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