Q: Why do I need a review of Airwave usage?

A: UK Police Forces are facing tough challenges ahead – to cut budgets wherever possible while preserving critical services. A sometimes unpredictable part of your communications cost base can be your usage of the Airwave radio service. The primary purpose of the Survey is to help Forces realise significant year on year savings within the Additional Traffic element of the Airwave bill.

Q: Why do I need help?

A: Airwave billing is a potentially complex area, difficult to predict and influenced by a range of factors. Often Forces have the appetite but lack the time, resource, and sometimes tools necessary to identify significant savings. Although identifying savings requires complex and detailed analysis, frequently potential savings can be realised through realistic and achievable changes and adjustments. Our Survey is designed with all these factors in mind.

Q: What does it give me and how do I benefit from doing it?

A: The benefit is in realising year on year savings whilst keeping the amount you do spend to a minimum. This is achieved by understanding the way your usage of Airwave affects operating costs and identifying areas of potential savings. Through a modelling exercise we can assess the impact and quantify proposed changes, allowing you to make informed implementation decisions based on objective evidence.

Q: How much will I save?

A: We cannot make individual predictions as every organisation generates a different level of traffic and different operational constraints. Our experience has shown that the Survey process can identify substantial savings and lead to business changes that offer considerable reductions in traffic. In one Force the Survey identified potential cost savings in the region of £100k per annum - representing approximately 30% of the Additional Traffic bill.

Q: Is the review of use to Forces of all sizes?

A: We find that cost-savings are affected by many things other than Force size and that organisations both large and small can make savings and gain greater understanding of their data. We do not apply an off-the-shelf formula for cost savings – each Force is impacted in different ways and operates under different business constraints. The Survey presents a low risk option in terms of cost and demand on your resources, but Forces need to be committed to saving costs and willing to implement business changes based on the quantified evidence provided.

Q: What’s involved?

A: We conduct a careful and detailed analysis of your historical traffic patterns to show precisely what, when and where your money is being spent. Working within your Force’s operational constraints matched with the data analysis, it is a collaboration of ideas that identifies potential cost savings scenarios. Through a process of modelling different scenarios, we can accurately demonstrate how charges already incurred would have varied under different business practices. The results of this work are used to validate potential business changes. 

Q: What’s my involvement?

A: The Survey has been carefully structured to limit the demand on you and your resources. The entire Survey process revolves around four short meetings - each with very specific intentions. All the analysis is performed off-site, delivering the relevant results for discussion at the meetings. The major point of client input is during the modelling stage - deciding what scenarios are operationally feasible.

Q: Why is it different from anything else?

A: We offer a service with minimal demand on your resources, not just another product or tool. We can analyse every single call made over 3-5 years and summarise them to give you a comprehensive understanding of the impact and real cost of operational behaviour. The Survey’s modelling exercise presents a unique opportunity to measure the impact of proposed changes and base implementation decisions on validated benefits and operational effectiveness. Any proposed changes become very specific to your Force and its operational requirements. These should not be confused with a list of high level behavioural statements, such as ‘talk less over a smaller area’, that can be generically applied across all Forces.

Q: What does it cost and how can I pay for it?

A: The cost of the survey is competitive and depends on the size of the organization and the complexity of work. A fixed price offer can be made following a short consultation. We also offer 3 payment options; Pay the full price of the Survey with no further commitment, pay a reduced amount with the balance amortised over 2 years as part of regular monthly reporting, or pay a small amount for the Survey plus a one off payment based on a calculated percentage of your realised savings in the first year.

Q: Who are Syntech?

A: Syntech Systems is an established, independent telecommunications specialist with a particular emphasis on the Emergency Services sector. We specialise in providing equipment and support for advanced communication systems in both the UK and Europe.

Q: Why Choose Syntech?

A: Syntech has been helping the Emergency Services manage costs and improve the performance of their Airwave System for over 10 years. Our knowledge and experience has come from working with both service suppliers and end-users and we are experts in analysing Airwave data. Being independent we only represent your best interests.

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