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A Comprehensive Review of Airwave Usage

Surrey Police Car“I was impressed by Syntech’s in-depth knowledge and experience of Airwave’s billing and CDR data and their structured process of modelling and analysis. Within weeks we were able to gain a detailed understanding of our traffic usage and its impact on costs that we were previously unaware of. Syntech were the catalyst in enabling us to get key people together and form a cohesive and effective plan focused on reducing costs. I look forward to working with Syntech to refine and monitor progress in the future.”
Superintendent Sue Lampard, Contact Management, Surrey Police

Surrey Police

Budget cuts are biting hard and political pressure is mounting on the Public Sector to maintain existing service levels whilst reducing costs. Work undertaken at Syntech has shown that it is possible to analyse usage of Airwave to reveal a detailed understanding of exactly how, when and where costs are being incurred, and provide a comprehensive breakdown of those costs.. As Syntech’s local Force, Surrey Police were the ideal candidates to approach, and in May 2011 Surrey agreed to undertake Syntech’s comprehensive review of Airwave usage.

The Statistics

Surrey has approximately 1,970 officers covering an area of 645sq miles with 52 base stations in the county. Over the last three years the Force’s additional traffic element of the Airwave charge has varied between around £240k and £270k.

Initially Syntech analysed over three years of Airwave CDR data to give the Force a detailed understanding of their current behaviour and how that contributed to their Airwave Bill. These initial findings were presented and discussed with stakeholders.

Surrey Police


Save money – or justify current levels of spend

Reveal the true relationship between usage and cost

Set a budget for your Communications Plan

Identify and understand variations

Propose changes and test their impact

The Solution

In Surrey’s case, we identified behaviour surrounding site activity, capacity and talkgroups as key cost drivers of their bill. With three talkgroups generating two-thirds of the traffic, these became the targets for the next stage in the process – the modelling exercise. Syntech were able to model three scenarios; split a major talkgroup in two, remove a talkgroup and disperse its traffic, and the final scenario considered the first two together. Careful and detailed study showed that the modelled changes offered considerable reductions in traffic, and a cost saving potential in the region of £100k per annum.

The Future

As a result of the modelling, from September 2011 the Force has been committed to implementing steps to significantly reduce the use of one talkgroup with the long term aim of removing it altogether. This alone could realise savings of circa £40k per annum.

In order to monitor this change and other highlighted risks Surrey are in the process of seeking internal approval to purchase Syntech’s monthly reporting service.

Intelligent Data Analysis

Syntech have over ten years of experience in Emergency Service data analysis. We have partnered with Arqiva to support several UK Forces and our CDR Reporting Tool is used by nearly half of UK Police to analyse and interpret CDR data.




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