Voice Quality Testing for Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service

"Key to the choice of Syntech Systems for carrying out this work was their ability to react quickly by mobilising the necessary equipment and personnel to site within a few days along with their knowledge of the DS2000, Motorola’s TETRA solution and the relevant voice quality standards. Site work was completed within the required timescales and a clear, comprehensive report to the satisfaction of NIFRS was produced within a few days.”
Joe Durham, Project Manager, Sungard Vivista 

Testing PESQ Effectively and Accurately

NI Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) had purchased a new Control Room SICCS solution to operate with the shared TETRA based radio system. The Capita supplied DS2000 solution had been installed and tested and was nearing the time to go-live.

For such an important system, the customer wanted to ensure that a consistent quality of communications was delivered at all operator positions and telephone terminations. Testing needed to be objective and was therefore to be based on the ITU-T P.862 PESQ algorithm. A minimum voice quality score of 3.5 was the design requirement. 

Specialist PESQ Test Equipment

Syntech’s approach was to devise a bespoke test programme to simulate speech and measure audio levels and quality across a number of different circuit types and termination points.

Prior to testing, Syntech worked with the client to ensure all interfaces and pre-test configurations were understood and accounted for so that best use of the time on-site could be made. Syntech subsequently spent two days undertaking on-site measurements using their specialist PESQ test equipment. Measurements were taken using a range of scenarios at SICCS operator positions and telephone handsets using both male and female voice samples.

Voice Quality Results

Results were processed, analysed and a detailed report was provided revealing the performance of each circuit tested together with any associated observations. Syntech’s experience with PESQ testing together with experience of working with SICCS provided the client with the solution they required.

The result was a clean bill-of-health for the NIFRS DS2000 giving the customer confidence that the SICCS would deliver the required voice quality.  




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