IFPM Measure TETRA for Dutch Emergency Services Network

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C2000 is the largest private radio communications project in the history of the Netherlands and will provide services for all Dutch public safety organizations. Users will include the police, fire brigade, ambulance service and military police (Royal Marechausse).
The nation-wide system has between 30-40,000 subscribers. The system covers the Netherlands, an area of approx 41.526 square kilometers and has been operational since 2004.
The main goal of the project was to establish a common infrastructure, replacing all public safety two-way radio systems in the Netherlands, fulfilling the following requirements:

• Provide interoperability between emergency services

• Enhance law enforcement and public safety (encryption)

• Provide wireless communications with proven technology

• Provide “Schengen” interoperability with neighboring countries (Belgium and Germany)

Syntech were contracted by Alcatel-Lucent as service maintenance providers for VTS Politzei. A big factor in the selection process was the fact that IFPM was being deployed in the UK to verify the Airwave network.
VTS wanted a system to accurately test and measure coverage and performance characteristics of the C2000 Network. The system was required to accurately assess network performance in multiple TETRA voice and data calls. VTS Politzei also needed to test the behavior of high volumes of mobile calls in different traffic and coverage environments.

Syntech formed a successful partnership with Alcatel-Lucent to manage all aspects of the project. Our TETRA test and measurement solution enabled us to interface to the control room equipment (TetraNed). Voice Quality was measured using the PESQ P.862.1 voice quality measuring standard. IFPM also reported parameters for Status, SDS and Packet Data.
Reports generated would be used to independently inform Management and Engineering about the overall quality of experience QoE and network health . Full training on all Syntech test and performance equipment was provided by Syntech.




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