Case Studies

TETRA Optimisation System, Luxembourg

In 2014, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg embarked with the planning and rollout of a new TETRA Public Safety radio network called RENITA to replace the existing analogue systems. Following a competitive tender a contract was awarded to a partnership of ConnectCom and POST Luxembourg and the ‘RENITA’ project was created.        icca



Voice Quality Testing for Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service

"Key to the choice of Syntech Systems for carrying out this work was their ability to react quickly by mobilising the necessary equipment and personnel to site within a few days along with their knowledge of the DS2000, Motorola’s TETRA solution and the relevant voice quality standards. Site work was completed within the required timescales and a clear, comprehensive report to the satisfaction of NIFRS was produced within a few days.”
Joe Durham, Project Manager, Sungard Vivista 



Airwave - Tetra Network Verification

Creating a partnership to deliver 10 years of support within a mission critical environment

Airwave Solutions Emergency ServicesAirwave Head of System Integration Anil Patel comments: “Our partnership with Syntech has helped us improve the way we are able to measure and report network performance and quality of service. This will in turn prove invaluable in meeting the challenges of delivering Airwave to an increasing number of users relying on an ever broader range of voice and data services. Syntech’s technical skills have produced fast design resolutions which continue to match our expectations. The product has proved adaptable for new applications as well as helping us identify areas where network improvements and optimisation could be made. There is no other tool like this in the UK.”



Surrey Police - Cost Savings & Efficiency

A Comprehensive Review of Airwave Usage

Surrey Police Car“I was impressed by Syntech’s in-depth knowledge and experience of Airwave’s billing and CDR data and their structured process of modelling and analysis. Within weeks we were able to gain a detailed understanding of our traffic usage and its impact on costs that we were previously unaware of. Syntech were the catalyst in enabling us to get key people together and form a cohesive and effective plan focused on reducing costs. I look forward to working with Syntech to refine and monitor progress in the future.”
Superintendent Sue Lampard, Contact Management, Surrey Police



Arqiva - CDR Tool

When using Airwave radios the day-to-day performance of the network and the behaviour of your users is logged in great detail.

Call Data Records (CDRs) from Airwave and Service Managed Terminal (SMT) records offer a near complete picture of how the radio system is being used, how it is performing and the traffic that passes through it.



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