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Syntech Systems is an established, independent UK telecommunications company that has been a trusted name in the Emergency Services for over a decade.

We specialise in TETRA network coverage, PESQ voice quality products and testing, Airwave and ICT technology. Syntech provide bespoke hardware, software and support for TETRA Communications performance monitoring throughout the UK and Europe. A key part of our business is providing solutions for the Airwave TETRA service to verify Service Level Agreements (SLA) & Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

We design & manufacture a range of bespoke test & measurement equipment for Quality of Service (QoS) and TETRA drive-testing.

Our Call Detail Records (CDR) solutions and expert analysis allow you to control costs & improve operational efficiencies.

Contract management and consultancy services add to our experience and capability. With Syntech Systems you are in safe hands.

Start optimising your TETRA Communications  

We’d love the opportunity to demonstrate how we can help transform the way you operate and get more from your TETRA radio network – contact the Syntech Systems team today.

Latest News

Norway Expands Investment in TETRA IFPM

tetra norway        Nødnett have added extra IFPM units to their TETRA network test and measurement equipment. The equipment is currently being used by Motorola to increase TETRA coverage in Norway’s remotest areas. Norway presents many geological challenges in its quest to have full TETRA coverage. The latest installation, located at 71 degrees north is Europe’s most northerly TETRA base station.

The TETRA network is in full operation in parts of Norway and a country-wide build out will be completed by the end of 2015. Syntech have worked with Motorola and Nødnett for the past 5 years and IFPM is an integral part of the testing required for the rollout of the TETRA network. In common with the UK, Norway has a very rigorous and comprehensive set of TETRA coverage requirements. We are pleased to be able to support them as coverage is optimised and the system fully rolled out.




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